I nostri servizi.

Si fa presto a dire: offriamo cibo e ristoro.

As in spaces and things, where we strongly wanted: "the ethics of tourism in nature," also in services there is the added value of our passion. For the sea, where with our own sailboat we make known places, among the most beautiful in the world. In refreshment, where: the idea of the meeting, the conviviality, is the figure that adds value to natural, genuine food packed with products from our garden.

In the accommodations, in some cases published in architectural magazines. For children, to whom a very attentive gaze has been turned, we have dedicated: the climbing wall, the tree house, the mini-pool with water from 0 to 30 cm and then: trampoline, zip-line, swing and more... Everything is available for our little guests, who often, inspired by the place, oppose the games designed for them, to discover the games without games.

Pieces of wood, shrubs, stones and trees to climb on become in their imagination, what I can't describe, but what they know well ... And it is immediately experience.