L’Agriturismo Li Pireddi

Li Pireddi was born from a vision back in 1980. Then 26 years old, I was in Sardinia visiting relatives and was thunderstruck by its nature and people. The silence, the scent that envelops you, on arrival, on the airplane steps, the ever-changing sky and the sea... It was a vacation that brought destiny. I bought an uncultivated piece of land with an abandoned stazzo and immediately set about restoring the existing buildings, the dry-stone perimeter walls, the care of the forest... A single idea to chart the course: "designing harmony," where harmony is: moderation, composing, tuning, balance between the parts. This inspiration, combined with the slow pace necessary for the design and implementation of the works, has produced what it is now: a vacation place, with buildings far apart and surrounded by a forest of centuries-old oaks. The old, without betraying its origin has been brought to the new. The new, integrated with the old, to find its dimension, not hostile. And then it was love and children and all together as a team, serving a few guests, never defined: customers.